Vhani GROUP (Regis Num is 11136408, England and Wales) is an outsourcing company that a leading Security, Recruitment Catering & Cleaning, Trading , Foundation –Charity, Vbay.biz, Money Transfer & Travel, Guest house and  Property Letting & Sale, EDUCATION, Broker, ( Dental Care  and Law Firm-For Bangladesh)  company.

It is a global sourcing and service company managing the source of supply and the delivery of products. The main focus of our business is to provide sourcing & services to our esteemed clients & to allow them a most satisfying buying experience. We cater directly to private label retailers & importers are currently providing services to UK & Bangladesh retailers/importers.

Vhani Group was established with a mission of providing exceptional and personalized services to our clients & to fulfil this mission we have head office in London, UK and our country regional office Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our core principle of business is to provide the right product at the right price & at the right time. Our experienced professional team of expatriates minimizes the communication problems with customers often confront, resulting in efficient handling of business.

Our Commitment:

– Strictly No Hidden Charges
– One-to-One  service to manage your projects
– Timely delivery with proper testing
– No job is too big or small
– Most competitive and affordable solution
– Free support for up to 3 months after delivery
– UK & Bangladesh based company, so no hassle of delayed response from us
– Robust  customer support
– One stop solution to all web requirements


Our mission is to deliver quality of Products, with the best value and customer service, to our Valued customer. To provide a business in which employees are empowered to help create profitable growth while feeling part of a dynamic growing business. To exceed their customer’s expectations with everything we do. Everything we do revolves around the customer – you are the heart of our company.


To be the preferred a global Agent managing the good quality supply chain for products and service, itself as a service-specific company rather than a product-specific company.



We put our customers at the forefront recognizing & respecting their values , with a view to always meet their requirements and making their sourcing, a valuable one.


We commit ourselves to ensure that our people grow within the business. We believe in their loyalty, team spirit and legitimate aspirations for always being successful.


We demonstrate decisive leadership and fast management reaction to secure maximum advantages of changes.


We recognize and always honor the investment of our customers, as well as our ethical and social responsibilities. We respect our environment and its protection is part of our prime duties.

WHY Vhani Group

You and your business need Vhani Group if:

  • You are sourcing regularly from Bangladesh & UK and your business is growing.
  • You want to switch some of your production to Bangladesh & UK but are unable to find the right partner.
  • It is imperative that samples arrive on time in order to meet tight deadlines and attend important sales meetings.
  • You would rather concentrate on your core business areas and let an expert in Bangladesh & UK handles your production there.
  • Your business caters to various types of retailers/buyers where the quantities vary from large to very small and who have multiple ticketing requirements, destination markings, different packing ratios for each client label, and tickets vary as they are sourced from different overseas suppliers.
  • You would rather not waste productive time communicating with multiple vendors in Bangladesh & UK and addressing their various issues.
  • You are looking for a stable business relationship with a few vendors whose policy, product and pricing you can trust.
  • You need products and services of the highest quality and innovation.
  • You are constantly looking for new product updates, samples, etc. in order to establish or retain your position as a front runner in your market.
  • You want to increase your economies of scale and drastically reduce costs.
  • You consider agency commissions to be an investment and not a cost.

So if you’re looking for a single-window-solution for all your 3rd party needs, give us a call/email and soon you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us.

Organizational Structure and Information


Major Markets United States, Latin America, Canada, Asia, EU, UK

Additional Features An outsourcing company

Experience/Specific skills We have handled orders from extremely small quantities for boutique merchandise as well as provided services for large players.

We are a professional an outsourcing company are proud to be the leaders in the industry and have created a methodology which delivers the best

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