Company history.

Vhani GROUP headquartered in  London – UK and country office BANGLADESH, has been providing an Outsourcing services for over 3 years. Initially founded as a traditional an Outsourcing company, Vhani GROUP has diversified itself as a true an Outsourcing company provider and technology innovator, committed to delivering unique, high-value and customized solutions to its customers.

·  2018 Start in London, UK

Vhani GROUP was founded in 8th January of 2018 by MD KHAIRUL ISLAM ( ASHIQBABU VHANI) as a SECURITY-SIA, Trading (T-shirt, Watch, Perfume), Foundation –Charity, (E-commerce market at UK), Islamic qurbani (Online halal Meat shop-UK),Broker house for worldwide and Student Agency company operation in London -UK, just outside of BANGLADESH.

Prior to starting Vhani GROUP , MD KHAIRUL ISLAM ( ASHIQBABU VHANI) was introduced to Security SIA, Trading (T-shirt, Watch, Perfume), Foundation –Charity, (E-commerce market at UK), Islamic qurbani (Online halal Meat shop-UK), (Online Fish Meat Market at Dhaka Bangladesh), Broker house for worldwide, Dental Care at Mymonshing- Bangladesh and Student Agency company and developed his passion for the industry, working for less-than-SECURITY SIA  agency  providers security guard  and charity  from 2018 through 2015.

When he left to start his own company, he took with him the values of hard work and dedication to service as the founding principles of Vhani GROUP

  • 2017 Expanded its core territory

Throughout the mid to late the 2010´s, Vhani GROUP expanded its core territory to cover the entire grater London by unofficialy, growing both organically and through acquisition; as well as offering its customers over-security SIA sector and other services.

By 2017 , Vhani GROUP  was operating  of 8 business by unofficvially  and had finished completion business  of its current corporate headquarters in London, UK.

  • 2020 opening Charitable Organization

Vhani foundation (Company Reg. No.- 12793248  and Charity Reg. No.- 00000) is a part of VHANI GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD,Reg.No.- 11136408,England and Wales, It’s a non-profit voluntary Charitable Organization operates in all over the United Kingdom (UK). The Charity hand expanded on the Bangladesh, Gaza, Yemen, a few countries of Africa and Syria too.

The first foot step of the Foundation kept on 5th January, 2014.The Founder and Chairman of the Foundation is MD KHAIRUL ISLAM (ASHIQBABU VHANI) with His marvel skill of leadership where he keeps this is on-going with Vhani Foundation. In that time, Foundation was being guided and operated by his own family members. Even the founder chose the name of the Foundation from his own name e.g. “Vhani’’which comes from family designation and chose inauguration date on 5thJanuaryin reference to his parents’ marriage day and also he selected the dialogue that ‘‘do not deprive the family members of his/s rights ’’ for instance; “help the deprived people with your level best” There was no de facto office of the Foundation. Planning and conferences were held in different places. The first event of Vhani foundation was held in Blood donation at Pouro Park, Jashore on 14thFebruary, 2014. The inaugural performance on 14th February, 2014 was kept in memory along work diaries of Foundation.

  • 2021

    Opening Vbay e-commerce, Islamic qurbani, FishMeat shop