Today TK Rate 30/03/2021 is £1 = 1.1 BD TK

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Security SIA
Visit Vhani Security to learn about our security services.
Vbay Online Shop
To buy different  product (T-shirt, Perfume and more …) visit VBay
Student Admission UK
Click here to learn more about our student admission service.
Foundation Charity
Visit Foundation Charity to learn about our foundation.
Online Fishmeat Shop
To buy different species of fish and Meat visit (Only Bangladeshi).
Vhani Dental Care
Click here to learn more about our dental care Chorpara,Mymensingh.
Islamic Qurbani
To buy 100% halal sacrificial meat and wholesale visit Islamic Qurbani.
Click to learn more about our trading.
Broker World Wide
Click here to learn more about our broker world wide service.

Vbay – Online Shopping Center is an online shopping center. Visit our shopping center to buy good quality T-shirt, Perfume, Watch and many more at low prices from this shop.

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