Organization overview

Vhani foundation (Company Reg. No.- 12793248  and Charity Reg. No.- 00000) is a part of VHANI GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD,Reg.No.- 11136408,England and Wales, It’s a non-profit voluntary Charitable Organization operates in all over the United Kingdom (UK). The Charity hand expanded on the Bangladesh, Gaza, Yemen, a few countries of Africa and Syria too.

First Work From Vhani Foundation

The first foot step of the Foundation kept on 5th January, 2014.The Founder and Chairman of the Foundation is MD KHAIRUL ISLAM (ASHIQBABU VHANI) with His marvel skill of leadership where he keeps this is on-going with Vhani Foundation. In that time, Foundation was being guided and operated by his own family members. Even the founder chose the name of the Foundation from his own name e.g. “Vhani’’which comes from family designation and chose inauguration date on 5thJanuaryin reference to his parents’ marriage day and also he selected the dialogue that ‘‘do not deprive the family members of his/s rights ’’ for instance; “help the deprived people with your level best” There was no de facto office of the Foundation. Planning and conferences were held in different places. The first event of Vhani foundation was held in Blood donation at Pouro Park, Jashore on 14thFebruary, 2014. The inaugural performance on 14th February, 2014 was kept in memory along work diaries of Foundation.


In such way, Vhani foundation thinks about every single helpless individual. Vhani Foundation strongly believes sharing love, care and happiness are the fundamental principle of mission and vision of the Foundation. To change the people’s view for vulnerable society of different areas from various countries along with all over Bangladesh so that people’s hand may come on expansion for support from a single penny to big pound. Considering this Vhani foundation planned few events for all people who needs love and care. Like – Christmas (provide gifts distribution to underprivileged and Orphan children) and ‘Eid-e-chai notun jama’ (new clothes distribution for Eid festival to street and underprivileged and Orphan children) are the main events for sharing love and happiness. On the other hand, it believes those people who are helpless, no shelter to live, no food to eat, Vhani Foundation stands by them at any condition from its level best. Vhani foundation is non-profit charitable organization with more regular staff and more volunteers’ works in entire UK and Bangladesh and other countries. Most of the staff are the oldest volunteers, their allegiance and hard works has taken Vhani foundation to the next level. Few years ago, Vhani foundation didn’t have a proper office but now because of the energetic team all departments, it has their own working place.

Our Working area are

  • Emergency Appeal

    Vhani Foundation are working from dawn to dusk in various area’s of different countries in different crisis moment. It has great contribution to Emergency Appeal in the world for COVID-19 too

  • United Kingdom

    1. Help UK Health and support their work please
    2. Air Ambulance: help Air Ambulance and support their work please
    3. Distribute useful books to pupil at many Primary School in London;
    4. We also support UK emergency response initiatives across the UK and Some of the many organisations we’ve supported donation are: food poverty, development of young people by local mayor;
    5. Clothes Recycling UK
  • Bangladesh

    1. Ramadan Package
    2. Orphan and street children sponsorship
    3. Old people Sponsorship
    4. Healthcare and Nutrition
    5. Seasonal and Religious
    6. Mosques (Bangladesh) project
    7. House (Bangladesh) project
    8. Education
    9. Wheelchair project
    10. Rickshaw and Van project
    11. Tubewell project
    12. Cleft lip and palate surgery
    13. Clean water and Tree plantation
    14. Eid & Christmas chai notun Jama
  • Other Country

    Out of UK and Bangladesh, Vhani Foundation is expanding its hand to India, Gaza, Yemen, a few countries of Africa and Syria too. Other than these, the Foundation is planning to move around the world in which the people are seeking help from very critical moment.